Washington Department of Health Finds No Increased Cancer Risk Among Soccer Athletes Playing on Crumb Rubber Fields

January 25, 2017 – The State of Washington Department of Health investigated a potential connection between soccer athletes that were diagnosed with cancer and played on synthetic turf with crumb rubber after University of Washington Women’s Associate Head Coach Amy Griffin questioned the safety of crumb rubber usage in synthetic turf soccer fields.

undefinedThe results of the investigation, which can be viewed here, did not find any connection to increased cancer among the soccer players reported compared to what would be expected based on rates of cancer among Washington residents of the same ages. Per the investigation, the “variety of fields and residences suggests that no specific field or geographic residence is problematic in terms of soccer players getting cancer.” The Washington State Department of Health added that individuals should continue to enjoy playing soccer on any surface, including synthetic turf fields with crumb rubber.

“Athlete safety should always be a top priority and we commend the Washington Department of Health on its efforts to protect its players,” said Mark Nicholls of TURFconsultants, a synthetic turf consulting firm specializing in education and protection. “This report confirms what more than 90 other studies have confirmed, that there is no connection between cancer and crumb rubber. Athletics administrators should continue to trust their athletes are safe playing on a surface with crumb rubber.”


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