undefinedWhether you are considering purchasing an artificial turf field or you already have one, you need to invest your time into developing and establishing Best Practices. Every procedure and process should be documented to ensure consistency and professionalism. An adequate risk management program requires that best practices be documented, all usage is logged, and all maintenance/remediation procedures are recorded.

Risk Management Documentation – A risk management program is not about avoiding litigation; it is about tracking and documenting safety. Although this type of documentation is extremely valuable if litigation occurs, the purpose for creating the risk management program is to ensure that all practices and procedures are performed with the emphasis on optimizing player safety. The minimum elements of a risk management program are listed below:

undefined• Usage Log
• Maintenance Log
• Maintenance Certificates (Vendor)
• (RP1) Impact Hardness
• (RP2) Infill Depth and Evenness
• (RP3) Visual Inspection
• (RP4) Anti-Microbial Policy
• Written Best Practice for all procedures and methods

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